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You have a passion, so What Else? Requirements to Succeed



We all have beliefs of how the world works. Sometimes these beliefs are so deep we don’t even notice we have them. But they still influence our thoughts and behaviors – even when they’re wrong.

I call those beliefs “invisible scripts.” For example, “kids shouldn’t ride the subway alone” might be one. Here are some others:

“I should hook up with a lot of people before I settle down”

“I’m going to college because it will get me a good job”

“I should buy a house because it’s a good investment”

But one of my favorites…

“I should follow my passion.”

I need to find my passion! What is it? I don’t know! I have so many interests!! AAHHHHHHH!!

Um…how many of us have a drunk uncle who’s been talking about his passion for 40 years…but hasn’t done anything about it? Who says, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!” Then shovels coal 10 hours/day.

Yes, you should absolutely pursue work you love. Life’s too short to settle for the drudgery of waking up, slamming the alarm clock, and slumbering into a job you hate.

But blindly following your passion? That’s how you wind up with a $100,000 degree with no clear direction and no hope of ever paying your debt off.

What if, instead of following your passions and hoping for the best, you instead:

Made a list of your passions, skills, and interests

Had a system to test each one to find out which were profitable.

Could follow a proven path to take your idea and land paying clients?

What if you could do this on the side, quietly earning an extra $1,000/month? What if you could “scale it up” to $2,000/month, or $5,000/month, or even eventually quit your job and go full-time on what you love?

We hear “just follow your passions!” so much that we think it’s supposed to magically fall out of the sky. You find your passion, you don’t just walk into it like a blue whale opens its mouth and eats 5 million krill.

But if you want to get paid to do what you love, it’s much easier to do if you have a roadmap.

Here you can learn the exact steps to take to get paid to do what you love (subscribe to our mailing list below and be registered automatically).

But here’s what I want you to do first.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and think about your PERFECT DAY. When do you get up? What do you do? Where do you go? Who are you with?

My perfect day consists of:

Waking up without an alarm clock. Then having a calm, relaxing morning with a cup of tea, and watching trashy reality TV.

Writing for an hour or two. Then sending a great email thousands of readers love.

Getting a text from my mom asking me to meet her and my sister for lunch. Looking at my calendar, seeing I’ve got free time, and saying “sure.”

Going home for a nap before heading to the gym. Then meeting up with my friends, either at a nice restaurant, a comedy show, or something a little different – like a coffee tasting.

That’s my perfect day. It happens frequently now. And not by accident.

Take a moment and think about YOUR perfect day. Where you do only the things you love.

Next Wednesday, September 14th at 9pm EST (see your time zone), I’m going to help you make your perfect day a reality. By showing you how to make money doing what you love, using skills and knowledge you already have.

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