Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Words of Wisdom

Good morning Dear partners -Kindly read and digest: By Dr. Myles munroe


1. Understand crisis and use it to solve a problem. Every business is a response to a problem.

2. Initiate something; do not wait for things to be done.

3. Identify and refine your talent, skill, idea, service or knowledge to create wealth.

4. Whatever makes you angry, you must solve it.

5. Poverty is not the lack of money, but the lack of ideas.

6. God does not give cash, but ideas on how to create wealth.

7. Be in control of your mind, thoughts, perception and mentality to respond to change.

8. Be keen and take advantage of changes brought about by technology and globalisation.

9. Leave your legacy, but in the people you train, not in products or buildings.

10. Every human being was born with a treasure. Your greatest secret to success lies in discovering your treasure.
*Secure your future, stop blaming every sitting president of your country for your destiny*

….make your business happen!

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