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What are you Working for­­?


It’s obvious everybody gets engaged daily, even the sluggard. These are the ones working for nothing……just by the way though. Every work has its rules and principles. A fellow asked sometime back, this idea you are working on now, how did you start? I Laughed!!! “I started anyhow”, I responded. Dazed! “Whaat?” He exclaimed. Yes! I started anyhow, talking affirmatively. I better start anyhow and fail than not to start at all. I was confident I will get it right through failures. He who is afraid to fail is not ready to grow. I believed in the principle of “work for something because it’s good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed”. Not everyone can see what you are seeing. I aim at bringing what I see in the virtual to reality. It may not be easy, follow it up creatively, innovatively and tactfully. Everything will begin to work together.

Ideally, a good rules player supposed to have got their work done before noon daily so as to get later hours of the day free to other things such as expanding research on their ideas. But many people go into the day with one thought of just getting the whole day occupied. If you have the rest of the day for yourself, it gives room to look for more opportunities that can aid your plans. You just have to develop the habit of recognizing opportunities when they come, and see opportunities as balls –if they get thrown your way, you have but a split second to catch them.

Whatever you are working on, there are millions of opportunities around it. The greatest advancements of this century, the light bulb, the airplane and the computer were created by innovators- people who imagined things that did not exist and asked why? Even being an outstanding employee requires a touch of these inventor’s determination to persistently strive to create value. You don’t have to study rocket science to be innovative. That seed of idea in you can build an empire. The time is now. Build a Career in your idea. Stop working for nothing,

*catch a vision

*put aside few minutes daily to work on your idea

*do a forward planning

You will definitely have a great FEAT you are working on to achieve.


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