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It’s quite difficult to find any human either in existence, lived or yet to be born that, is, was or will be absolutely empty. Everyone has got something, no matter how little. It’s either underutilized or not discovered at all. I have seen a confirmed imbecile that beats well sane individuals in playing draft game. It was quite interesting.

There is a seed in everyone and what helps such seed to really germinate and grow to full blown is discovery and nurturing. Unfortunately;

Many could not discover theirs due to the environment they belong

Many could not, due to ignorance

Everything one could desire exists within you as a seed of potential. There are certain things you need to do to make it grow. First is to be dissatisfied with your current conditions. Some cogent fact you must admit to the questions that you may ask yourself are;

  • Do you know the person who will never abandon you in the whole of your life?

Who is that? YOU

  • Do you know the Answer to every question you may have?

Who is it?  YOU

  • Do you know the Answer to every question you may have?

Who is it? YOU

  • Can you guess the solution to every of your problems?

What is it? YOU

American Essayist Ralph Emerson said: What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Many looks for answer outside themselves to make sense of their life. Some give up, while many are disheartened since the solutions seldom arrive the way they hoped. If there’s a drive in you that seeks change. It can only come from within you- not from outside source. This now solely depends on who you are.


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