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Mega Hydroponics Training

Mega Hydroponics Training

Hydroponics is the newest and fastest way to grow your plants and vegetables. Soil-Less farming is

used to grow fresh animal feeds and vegetables like celery, pumpkin (ugu), tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, strawberries, melons, aromatic, and medicinal plants.

Join Adebowale Onafowora in Ekiti as he teaches farmers and groups of interested individuals how to take hold of the Hydroponics industry in making millions of naira monthly.

In this edition, we shall be revealing our best kept secret in solving the challenge of feeding livestock in this recession time and always. I shall be teaching you how to save at least 70% on the cost of feeding your poultry, cattle, rams and goats, rabbits, etc.

This offering is a recession proof way to livestock farming, and this makes attendance a MUST for all farmers, schools and job seekers. It will also teach how you can multiply the value of a waste land within one week

Hydroponics Seminar Modules

Part A

What you stand to gain?

In addition, you will receive 3 months direct mentoring from Adebowale Onafowora


Introduction of the greatest Discovery of the modern day agriculture.

✓ General Understanding of Hydroponics/Soil-less farming (Analytic)

✓ Practicable and accessible hydroponics substrates in Nigeria.

✓ Different Hydroponics system design

✓ Simple, affordable and Localized Greenhouse construction ideas and process

✓ The Basics of building a Fodder system

✓ How to build a functional and affordable hydroponics vegetable system

✓ How to grow your own Fresh feed within 6-9 days and sack your feed mill

✓ Wealth creation avenues in the Nigerian Hydroponics industry.

✓ What is the discovery ? (analytics and identification)

✓ The discovery’s super nutrient analysis

✓ How to cultivate and propagate the discovery Hydroponically anywhere in Nigeria

✓ How to combine the discoverywith Fodder for feeding livestock and so save over 70% cost on feeding

✓ The magic of using the discovery to beat the recession and become a millionaire livestock farmer.

✓ How to tap into the other lucrative areas and opportunities in utilising the discovery in industries like: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, soilless farming

 Hydroponics guide DVD

 Hydroponics guide manual

 The “DISCOVERY” male and female spurs

 The “DISCOVERY” guide manual


5th November 2016

Atlas Motel, 8, Ikere Road, Ado Ekiti

Time: 10AM


Early bird: N20,000 {ends three (3) days to the training day}

Late registration: N25,000

To register for this power packed event simply pay into the following Bank Account.

CareerCaptains Int.

Skye Bank Plc.

Acc. No:  1771646641

*Please Register and text your names and teller number to any of the numbers for registration and bring the teller to the venue

+234 803 3943 690, +234 706 8695 817


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