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Whoever one set or look up to as a model has a lot to do at influencing such person’s life and growth. Success has principles. To be successful in any chosen career, it has to do with the guide from the mentorship of a successful individual in such a Career. It doesn’t matter if mentoring is done by direct contact for tutelage. What matters most is the mentee’s preparedness to take up related tasks and challenges.

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This helps the mentee to be organized or coordinated on the path to resounding Success. Mentoring is relational sometimes, that is, the mentee and the mentor relates with one another flexibly. There is a higher percentage of Success. In situations where the mentoring is not relational, it most times becomes a problem for the mentee most especially in situations where the mentor isn’t aware of the mentee perhaps the mentee was fascinated and attracted by the Success story of the mentor.

It’s not a bad idea though, but the best bet is to be sure you study more of the background, Success path of anyone before choosing them as a model.
Mentoring can be formal or informal.
It’s informal when:
Goals of the relationship are not specified
Outcomes are not measured
There’s no mutual relationship, access is limited maybe exclusive.
Mentoring lasts a long time, sometimes a lifetime.

It’s Formal when:
Goals are established from the beginning
Outcomes are measured
Access is open for direct contact
Support in mentoring is provided.

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Mentoring can be mutually beneficial and rewarding on both professional and personal levels. The mentor can develop leadership skills and gain a personal sense of satisfaction from knowing that they have helped someone. Mentees can expand their knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from a more experienced person to build their Professional or Business networks. And both partners can improve their communication skills, learn new ways of thinking and ultimately advance their Careers. If there’s a price one must pay to achieve success, it’s following after the path of Successful MENTORS. Next is Determination and Hardwork. The mentoring process has three simple steps.

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